#Michelangelo #LeonardoDaVinci #GENIUSES #SocialChange

#Michelangelo #LeonardoDaVinci #SocialChange Have you ever thought that the #GENIUSES of the past could help us solve the problems of TODAY? This might become possible in the not too far away future.

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#ThePurposeofArt Culture has always been the guiding light of civilizations and in the past, when the world seemed to go a bit adrift, they always looked at #art and #culture for direction and guidance and now it seems quite the time to do the same … As T.S. Eliot wrote “”We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” There has never been a better time than NOW to explore old masters artists, scientists, creators and philosophers.

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“Thousands Faces of God” – OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: would you like to create a PORTRAIT OF… GOD?

#ThousandsFacesofGod #FineArt The CALL IS OPEN for the Collective Art Exhibition “Thousands Faces of God” upcoming in 2018:

OPEN CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS TO PAINT/SCULPT A PORTRAIT OF GOD – if you wish to be part of this exhibition please contact me in the first instance on info@pgcoaching.co.uk


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“Thousands Faces of God” – CALL FOR ARTISTS COMING SOON

A UK and international exhibition is in preparation.

Call for international artists coming soon.

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Human Rights Art Festival

“What’s really going to stand out 100 years from now will be socially engaged activist art” 
– Tom Block in Hollywood Soapbox

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We are starting also with #Art in #2017TheYearOfWomen with a new Collection on:



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What if Your Products were… ALIVE? and what if was possible to make them come alive so that they could reach your clients more effectively?

and what if it was possible to make the Energy of Your Products go out in the Universe like ripples and connect you with your potential NEW Customers?


Everything in the world is Energy, and everything has energy.

I feel the Energy of products, particularly of a certain kind of high-end products, I can connect with it, and I can help you translate it in words, in a message so that you can connect with your customers more easily and I can also create a painting with that Energy for your marketing campaign.


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