How Did I Start Painting?


How did I start painting?

I started painting after volunteering for three years from 1995-1998 in a community of monks in the South of France in Burgundy called Taizè, which was founded during WWII by a visionary monk as a place of reconciliation.

After that experience and thanks to a dear German friend, I started painting when back in Italy. And with all the meditation techniques I have been studying since moving to the UK, my paintings are now channeled. I connect with the Energy, I let the Energy flow through me and create, I can connect with dead people and channel from them, I can connect with Angels and Higher Beings, I can connect with the energy of a person far away and never met and channel a painting for them, I can create a painting with the DNA of a Brand.

I am originally a Mathematician.

Here is some of my activity:

*Painting channelled for a winner of the Intelligent Optimist Auction

*Painting channeled for ConsciousLab:

*PARALLAX ART FAIR, London, UK, February 2012

*One painting on the website of Depression Alliance UK

*One painting part of the Art Show for LIKEME Lighthouse, Kansas City, MO, USA

*I was invited to give a testimonial on Art for Social Evolution at the 1st National Forum of Spiritual Experience in the Artistic Expression, October 2011, Attigliano, Terni, Italy – organized by the Humanistic Centre Salvatore Puledda from Rome and the Institute of Trascendental Art in Rome ES.TE.TRA.

*Painting part of the Cosmic Gallery of CoSM Journal – Journal of Visionary Culture – Cosmic Creativity Volume 7 – 2011

*Paiting part of The Peace Project 2010 for Sierra Leone – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, US – please click here

*Collective ‘Creative Connections’, Galleria 9 Colonne – SPE – Il Resto del Carlino newspaper, Bologna, Italy, May – June 2010

*Painting for World Peace Forum 2010 Luxembourg – Schengen Peace Foundation

*Collective ‘Creative Connections’, Galleria Studio D’Ars, Fondazione D’Ars, Milan, Italy, April 2010

My current private clients are based in the UK, Germany, Italy, Panama, the US.