NEW Brand Art

Would you like a painting created EXCLUSIVELY for Your Brand?

I feel the energy of things, people, ideas and I would be delighted to create something for Your Brand.

I would feel the energy of Your Products, Your Boutique, Your Company Values and create something that is so exclusively unique as YOUR SIGNATURE.

Please contact me for more information on .

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new painting: Enchanted Connections



title: “Enchanted Connections”
size: 16 x 16 inches
medium: acrylic
year: 2015
price: £200

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#artsponsorship ART SPONSORSHIP FOR A 18 METRES LONG PAINTING: I am looking for a Financial Institution in London who could sponsor a Work of Art – it would be 18 metres long, very special. I can explain, but I cannot write here specifications. You could choose to keep it, with no other costs involved, if you chose to. My paintings are VERY powerful as they are channelled. They hold higher frequencies that could attract more customers or improve your business, just by being there. There can be very bold.  There can be messages, symbols, quotes, frequencies channelled from Beyond. They have the HIGHEST Energy. Do you know anybody I could contact?

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I Love You Infinitely


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I love you infinitely – pop


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Declaration of Love


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Pure Abundance


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