Channeled Paintings

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#ChanneledPaintings #HonourablePeople I am creating a series of paintings connecting with the Energy of Extraordinary People. I can connect with the energy of dead people and let a painting emerge from there. I will publish here the findings as they emerge.

#Painting #ExtraordinaryPeople As when something powerful is going to happen, Forces in the Universe try to stop us as what we are doing could bring about a lot of positive change in the world. As I went to see the Hall where I was going to paint #Tiffany painting, I tripped and fell down – I haven’t fallen down in more than 10 years. This painting is going to be #Extraordinary. What Mr #Tiffany said is absolutely fantastic.

#ChanneledPaintings #ExtraordinaryPeople #TiffanyCo I channeled a painting from #CharlesLewisTiffany. They are the #Instructions for an extraordinary #Women #JewelryCollection. I began channeling from Mr Tiffany around two years ago. Mr Tiffany gave me the #Name of the Collection, #Gemstones have to be ONLY in one particular color, the #Shape of the collection, and particularly he gave me the #PURPOSE and #MEANING for it. I deeply bow at Mr Tiffany for what he would like to create for women with this collection. Extraordinary. Part of it completely new concept. It can be in new materials and if there is metal, if has to be only in one particular color. It would be an utterly extraordinary collection. It could change the world.

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople I channeled paintings from #GastonLouisVuitton. IMMENSE amount of sacredness. SO humbling. EXTREMELY honored, dear people. As soon as I connected with Mr Vuitton, a color came through – I absolutely HAD to find that color, which is very difficult as it is in the mind’s eye. The Universe sent me to a Stationery shop in South London, I opened all tubes – the shop owner got angry with me for that – but I found the color there. I normally paint BIG sizes of canvasses, like 30 x 40 inches or 40 x 50 inches. But for this it had to be something VERY different:  hexagonal 6 inches, which I had never seen before and was a little challenge. Now, I knew very little about Gaston Louis Vuitton, I just knew he was the Grandson of Louis Vuitton. When I began channeling something kept coming through continuously, one after the other, a continuous flow: #GeometricPatterns. And then I went to you tube and there is a video posted by #LouisVuitton on #GastonLouisVuitton and I got completely gobsmacked: they say that Gaston loved geometric patterns! Plus other “coincidences” I learnt, absolutely incredible. …continue 1/2

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople #GastonLouisVuitton …continue 2/2 And because I am a mathematician, I need to check that things are proper, so I kept channeling again and again and one pattern kept coming back over and over, at first with a few very little variations, then exactly the same. So, apparently it seems to be very important, it also has some similarities with an extraordinary Painter’s Art. Also, Mr Vuitton has a sense of humor, because one of the patterns is … graffiti! At first I thought it was me, but then, when I painted, it is the first that came through. Very cool. I am humbled for this extraordinary experience. Thank you.

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople #AlbertEinstein The painting is done. It is EXTREMELY Powerful. When I connected the first time to the Energy of #AlbertEinstein, everything became more vivid and there was a sensation on the left side of my head as if something in my brain was being activated. The Energy was extremely powerful, I was jumping. And here it is extraordinarily a very small sneak peak…

#ChanneledPaintings #ExtraordinaryPeople The Next Painting will be dedicated to… #YOU, to #Your #ExtraordinaryBeauty, to what you do not think, or do not know, you are, but… WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU ARE INFINITELY MORE THAN THAT. It is going to be ASTONISHING.

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryBeauty I did the painting as promised, but something completely unexpected came out… The face of a #Alien! Are we all descendants of aliens? Maybe. I am looking for a specific #Gemstone to complete it… Anyway #MaytheForcebewithyou #StarWars

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryBeauty As I mentioned, in my latest painting there is supposed to be a VERY special extremely beautiful #Gemstone and I was not exactly sure of the why.. as with everything that comes from Above… I went to the V & A Museum and found a book that explained certain things… amazing. It is really YOUR EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY.

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople SURPRISE! I have just channeled a painting that is truly stunning. The title is: “The Language of Love” and it is a Love Letter from a VERY loving being… Extraordinary painting. Extremely powerful. At times I could not paint more than 20 seconds, as the Energy is that strong and I was exhausted. And I have a DOUBLE SURPRISE for YOU as the painting – and prints – will go for SALE on SUNDAY! So that you can FEEL the Energy and  FEEL the LOVE. It is TRULY remarkable. STAY TUNED!!!

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople #TheLanguageofLove #ALoveLetter The Painting is going to be available to buy as #Original and #Prints on #Sunday – you will be able to buy the prints online directly from the site. It is truly Beautiful. Prepare to be flooded by #Love.


#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople #TheLanguageofLove #LoveLetter Hello, The Painting is READY. Here it is… You can buy the prints directly from Fine Art America on For the Original, please contact me on LinkedIn. Some Loving Magic might be coming Your Way… ENJOY!!

#ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople The next painting channeled will be from #YvesSaintLaurent. Yves Saint Laurent “called” me, he wants to come through in the painting, that’s see… I will post an image of the painting.

Monsieur #YvesSaintLaurent #ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryPeople Very interesting – there had to be only 3 colours: black, white and grey, and there is some sort of Chinese calligraphy on it…:


#Revelation #ChanneledPainting #ExtraordinaryBeauty Remember the painting I channeled recently on Your Extraordinary Beauty where there was meant to be a #Gemstone? Well, the gemstone of your extraordinary beauty is… #Tanzanite … obviously… the #StoneofLightning